Business Value

VAR’s and System Integrators

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  • Light-weight, powerful tools that form the basis of an assessment service
  • 100% Vendor Agnostic, Agentless data acquisition
  • Range of analytics from “The Quick Answer”, to full per-server and per-storage roll-ups, to all the discrete data
  • Simple extraction of data from the tool set
  • Seamless assessment across on-premise and public cloud infrastructure
  • Save time and money with assessments and focus engagements on addressing performance deficits and proposing resolution techniques

Enterprise End-Users

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  • Deploy Performance Surveillance to know how the storage was performing at the exact time that a slowdown or outage occurs
  • Proactively monitor and manage performance to avoid business continuity issues, including Hybrid Cloud environments
  • Learn your infrastructure performance from your application server’s perspective
  • Gain a thorough and cost-driven understanding of where to increase I/O capacity and/or deploy new hardware assets
  • Expedite your migration testing by enabling a single view of performance across block, CIFS/SMB, and NFS
  • Hold your service providers accountable by tying their SLA’s to performance guarantees that you can track

High-Value MSP’s

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  • Build a differentiated service with real time Performance Surveillance
  • Define Block-size aware SLA’s and analytics, either internally to guarantee customer success or externally as a value-added service
  • Enable the establishment of true storage performance SLA’s
  • Create, monitor and guarantee new differentiated and revenue-generating service offerings