PA-Resource is a server performance monitoring solution for your critical Microsoft® applications and virtualization infrastructure.  It works in conjunction with Microsoft PowerShell to agentlessly monitor individual process resource details and infrastructure response times.

PA-Resource Screen Shots

Workload-Specific Performance Index

Define the KPI levels and weightings as they apply to your specific workload.  PA-Storage then automatically trends an overall performance index, as well as all the individual KPI indexes to continuously verify performance of key application servers.

PA-Resource WSPI

Time-Based Charts

Process-level detail is available for CPU utilization, read/write IOPS, read/write throughput, and working set memory.  System and infrastructure performance monitors include CPU queue length, default gateway ping response time, physical disk read/write response time, network send/receive throughput, and SMB client/server read/write response time.  All the best-practice performance monitors collected agentlessy and analyzed instantly.

PA-Resource Time Based

HoD/DoW Heat-Chart

Hour-of-Day and Day-of-Week mapping for all process and infrastructure performance KPI’s allowing service personnel to quickly pin-point hot spots and prescribe infrastructure expansion.

PA-Resource Heat Chart

Process Pareto

Per-Process charts showing CPU, Memory, IOPS, and Throughput consumers in Pareto order.

PA-Resource Pareto

New Process Consumers (NRC) Report

Automatically chart any new processes that appeared in a programmable time-frame, that were not in a previous time, including per-process CPU, Memory, IOPS, and Throughput impacts.

PA-Resource NPC

Server Compare

Compare process resource consumption and infrastructure response across servers.  Simple yet powerful insight into build-out requirements and problem solving.

PA-Resource Server Compare

Regression Charts

Agentless power brought to a new level.  Automatically cross every process, every resource (CPU, Memory, IOPS, Throughput), with every infrastructure response time KPI, to understand which process is driving the infrastructure load.  The result is trace-like insight, done agentlessly, producing literally hundreds of specific performance charts on demand.


PA-Resource Regression